Pseudo Random News and Comment

Audit of the Federal Reserve has been released  $16 TRILLION in loans to their buddies during the financial crisis (and had them on fire hose sized IV drips ever since).

Marathons safe for aging boomers, study finds  Summary: If you don’t die before the finish line, it won’t kill you.

Chart: China’s rail cargo volume  Timing, as much as the size of the decline, is notable.

Two Cheers for Clint Eastwood  Seems like the best alternative this election would be a Ron Paul-Clint Eastwood ticket. Otherwise it’s a choice between R: Pro-war, pro-torture, pro-surveillance, pro-banks/Wall St and D: Pro-war, pro-torture, pro-surveillance, pro-banks/Wall St.

‘Super Wi-Fi’ poised for growth in US, elsewhere  The bigger issue is that it facilitates true distributed networking which would make censorship more difficult since in theory monitoring could be bypassed.

Who Do You Blame for the Woes of the Middle-Class? Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. The Fed wasn’t an option on the survey.

Playboy interview with Richard Dawkins.  Yes, there’s a picture too!

Report: USADA in possession of positive Armstrong samples  Oops, that sounds like evidence (and they already had 1999 samples). Presumably these are only the B samples so he would be DQ’d for a non-analytical finding, rather than an official positive result.

McQuaid says UCI not afraid to sanction Lance Armstrong  Still waffling, waiting to see how much evidence points to them.

How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist [Security]  Nice checklists to protect your neck.


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