Pseudo Random News and Comment

Labor Day, Income & The Middle Class  How to create a banana republic in five easy charts.

UK tells Ecuador Assange can’t be extradited if he faces death penalty  The plan to sell him down the river is proceeding nicely.

Who Gets Your iTunes Collection When You Die? Hollywood already made Congress their indentured servants, so I doubt even Bruce Willis can defeat his latest foe.

A Psy-Fi Blog E-Book: The Zeitgeist Investor  Anything new that covers market history is going to be on my reading list.

Children taking steroids for asthma are slightly shorter than peers  That stuff gets everywhere so this isn’t too surprising. Makes me wonder about bone health too. Even corticosteroid eye drops give me metabolic problems (and heartburn).

Coconut oil could combat tooth decay  Put this processed version in a candy bar!

Disappearing Daytime vs Overnight Volatility (and Why That Matters)  Be interesting to see how it looks in bear vs bull markets.

E&Y and state secrets  More evidence auditors don’t care much for truthiness.

Alternative medicine use and breast cancer (2012 update)  Quantifying the cost of stupidity. It’s pretty high.

Is the Stock Market Cheap?  The answer is still no.


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