Pseudo Random News and Comment

When Do We Become Truly Conscious?  Fascinating read. Science is getting far enough along in unraveling consciousness to have something to say about topics from abortion to vegetarianism; confirming my belief that the most special thing about humans is our ability to think we’re special.

How Your Cell Phone Hurts Your Relationships  More subtly than you may think.

Did The Great Financial Crisis Start With The End Of The Gold Standard? Of course, but the apologists have convinced themselves that printing money makes everyone better off, rather than just those that get the money first, as is always the case with counterfeiting.

The Fake Election: 10 Arguments The Republicans Aren’t Making  There is also the pro-surveillance, pro-torture, pro-kill list, pro-drone, anti-civil rights case to be made against Obama, which the Republicans will never make either. Plus the secret off shore bank accounts argument, which a few Democrats started to make against Romney but were quickly silenced.

Hackers Get Personal Info On 12-Million Apple Users… From An FBI Laptop  Catching the surveillance state with its pants down. Embarrassment demands the hackers be pursued with a vengeance.

Meb Faber: Buy Cheap Cyclically Adjusted P/E (CAPE) But don’t worry, it’s no rush for now.

Can You Train Business School Students To Be Ethical?  Not as long as corporate managers and owners are granted immunity by limited liability.

The pruned tree | Gene Expression  Trying to decipher the latest on human migration and lineage.

On Volatility, Correlation, And Sentiment Shifts  Might explain why I’ve never found correlation to be very predictive of price action.

The eyes have it: Men do see things differently to women  I guess this explains the interest in watching sports.

Student Debt Malinvestment  Combining inability to discharge in bankruptcy with subsidies has created an explosion of unintended consequences, none of them good.

Mathematics or memory? Posterior medial cortex study charts collision course in brain  Autobiographical recall and math unable to coexist because of active suppression. Therefore, worrying about your past trading results should be expected to cause more emotional decision-making.


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