Pseudo Random News and Comment

Jörg Jaksche: Doping, hypocrisy and a dog called Bella  More detail than previous interviews. UCI again looks less than friendly toward honesty, but that’s to be expected from a trade organization.

Smokers who value the future more likely to quit  People keep marching forward regardless in most cases, but differences in outlook are reflected in choices.

‘Fitness and fatness’: Not all obese people have the same prognosis  Not surprising, but I question how long you could stay in the fit but fat group without drifting to one end of the fit-fat spectrum.

FBI Denies That Hacked Apple Info Came From FBI  Carefully parsing the language the most likely answer is it was the agent’s laptop.

Measuring glucose without needle pricks As mentioned at the end of this piece, the most promising use for this type of tech would be in an artificial pancreas.

An asset inflation signal  Follow the money to find the inflation.

A Single Bout of Exercise Improves Motor Memory  This is fascinating because the exercise is an unrelated physical activity, yet still strengthens motor memory in the study task. Staying active may not be merely a case of use it or lose it, but use it or lose not just it but a number of other things as well.

Medicare kidney spending reaches crucial moment  The whole program is such a craptastrophy of unintended consequences, muddy thinking, and ignorance of human nature.

There Is No Harvard Cheating Scandal I think I already wrote this months ago (here).

Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Events in Diabetic Men: A Meta-analysis of Observational Studies Some hard science shows a link.

A Handy Way to Foil ATM Skimmer Scams But don’t forget trying to tear the ATM apart before you use it.


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