Pseudo Random News and Comment

Researchers devise a way to manipulate a rat’s dreams  When it’s my turn just give me some experimental drug and let me sleep.

Mount Fuji ‘under more pressure than last eruption’  Earthquakes, tsunami, and now…

Disruption Starts With A Foot In The Door: Amazon’s New Data Plan Is Limited But Potentially Revolutionary  That remains to be seen but that market is ripe for disruption.

NASDAQ At 12-Year Highs, AAPL +9571% In Same Period  Heavy weighting of AAPL is masking significant deterioration in market internals.

Did The US & Sweden Team Up To Get Cambodia To Arrest The Pirate Bay Founder… About Something Unrelated To TPB?  So many layers to this onion it’s hard to tell which pack of liars to believe. Wikileaks connection will be confirmed by any future extradition from Sweden. It’s appalling how much control over the Swedish government is exerted by the US (and their media company handlers).

If You Can’t Sue The Feds For Spying, Sue Them For Lying About Spying  If at first you don’t succeed, keep butting your head against the brick wall. Even if they win nothing is going to change.

Running vs Tai Chi  Can’t see running catching on too much in urban China. The winner of a 60 mile, three-day race in Beijing would be the one that finished in the lowest time without developing black lung.

Attention JP Morgan Chase Customers and Credit Card Holders  Nobody should still be doing business with these scumbags, but if you still are, here’s your chance to do something good with it.

Hidden Treasures in “Junk” DNA Interview on ENCODE and knowing more about what you don’t know.

Organic Benefits Don’t Include Enhanced Nutrition  So you will just have to settle for less poison as the benefit. I question the meaning of “organic” labels on many foods. The chickens who lay your eggs may not get hormones, but what about the food they eat? The questions and iterations are nearly endless and what ends up in the final product depends to some degree on them all.

1913 by Oliver DeMille  Review of the book, on four great mistakes and their continuing consequences.

‘I knew it all along.. didn’t I?’—Understanding hindsight bias  The most amazing thing is how resistant the feeling is to contrary evidence. Even when you read notes you made at the time it’s tempting to reinterpret them in ways that justify the belief you were right all along.

Vaughters confirms past doping by Danielson, others at Garmin  Before they were at Garmin that is. JV finally backs up the garbage truck and unloads a little on the CN forum. A seeming tsunami of dirty cycling laundry is starting to come ashore.


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