Pseudo Random News and Comment

Barron’s Cover Calls Housing Bottom (Yet Again)  Someday soon I think either CR or TBP will use the phrase “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

This Curation Trend has One Big Problem: Scale  Algos are clearly missing some key drivers of human choice, otherwise I would have automated this by now.

Why ‘Tax The Rich’ Doesn’t Solve Anything: It’s The Math, Stupid  But maybe if the Fed keeps distorting the economy long enough, the rich will be rich enough to make it work. But of course the economy will shrink as a result, so they’ll have to be in control of an even greater share to tax, but then….damn, this central planning stuff is hard!

Wealth Drivers in 401k Accounts  Some things can never be said enough: Saving more cures many investment ills.

Poll Finds More Than Half Americans Take Out Loans To Buy iGadgets  But it’s the American way!  Hence the continual need for the previous link’s advice.

Researchers create short-term memories in-vitro  There will be some amazing applications for this some day. I’ve wondered how you could grow a new brain, since it’s the most difficult of all to construct. This may be the starting point. Or it may be the true starting point to Skynet and Terminators.

FBI steps up to $1B next-gen ID program  All the improved ID schemes suffer the same flaw: If current ID’s are crap, all you end up doing is giving a good ID in exchange for a fake one. That will make the terrorists happy.

GM Loses Over $49,000 On Every Chevy Volt  Make it up in volume! (and bailouts)

Vikings as criminal profilers  No evidence it worked any better for them.

Physician’s empathy directly associated with positive clinical outcomes, confirms large study  This also works both directions. It’s very hard to care about a patient who clearly doesn’t care themselves.

Glycolaldehyde—the simplest sugar—discovered around newly developing star  Raises the odds of alien life, and that our advances are being spurned. I don’t think we’re using the proper pick up lines.

Perception of exertion during exercise an accurate, useful tool  If you’re tired of going into debt to buy gizmos to monitor your exercise, there’s always RPE. Also a sign of overtraining when combined with a power meter on the bike (same power with higher RPE is an early warning).

Focus Media giving away cash?  Where do I get in line?  I’m not sure this would stop a private equity genius from thinking they could control things.


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