Pseudo Random News and Comment

Channel 4 cancels screening of film questioning Islam’s origins  Wait, doesn’t this mean the terrorists win?

Thomas Szasz has left the building  Too bad he didn’t have more influence. The debates over the DSM highlight the subjective nature of the judgments, and history has shown the state often uses the label of mental illness to dispose of political opposition. People may not like to hear it, but his two main themes are hard to dispute.

Scrub jays react to their dead  fMRI of the ceremony would be interesting to compare to human grief.

New Attack Against Chip-and-Pin Systems

Interventions can reduce falls in people over 65 who live at home Exercise and cataract surgery, among other things.

Eat dessert first? It might help you control your diet  Before your willpower is fatigued.

Researchers restore children’s immune systems with refinements in gene therapy Small numbers, in necessarily small samples, but even one success is pretty amazing.

MIT beats Cambridge and Harvard to top spot in world university rankings  Shouldn’t Harvard be giving rebates now?

The College Bubble  Good analysis of a huge fiasco in the making, and schools are so disconnected from reality it’s hard to comprehend.

Pig Flu Virus Strain Shown to Have Pandemic Potential  Is pig more polite than swine? All that’s needed is a mutation or two so it’s best to be polite.

Former CIA Chief: Obama’s War on Terror Same as Bush’s, But With More Killing  In case ideological blinders have kept you from noticing, here’s another reminder.

Did the U.S. Overreact to the 9/11 Attacks?  Some very entertaining comparative risk numbers.

Focus Media: some follow up to the post about the loan from Jiang Weiqiang to the company  This series continues to be more entertaining than any soap opera.


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