Pseudo Random News and Comment

Drier soils trigger more storms  7 billion humans no longer peeing on the ground is the cause of climate change.

Body Disposal Technology Widens Green Funeral Choice I’ve always wanted cremation but some of these sound better. Freeze dried could be nice. Just add water to reconstitute me.

Self-control may not be a limited resource after all  Moving toward a more refined view.

A Few Questions  What will drive the stock market higher? Bear markets end with cyclically adjusted P/E less than 10, which is a long way down (or a long time in the future), so it’s probably not a good idea to pin your hopes on fundamentals. Earnings are also likely to mean revert to something close to the GDP growth rate. Not a promising long-term picture to me.

An evil disposition An alternate view of psychopathy, not as a disease, but a strategy. I’ve held this view for years. But if psychopathy is a genetically driven strategy, does our current environment reward that strategy or punish it? I think it’s more the former than the latter. We’re a far cry from primitive societies where bad seeds were ostracized or outright killed at an early age. Instead we elect them president or give them huge bonuses.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob, ‘Mad Cow’ blood test now on the horizon  Considering the disease can take decades to manifest this could be scary.

Same gene linked to bigger brains of dolphins and primates  As I like to say, nature is a great economizer.

Less Alzheimer’s pathology with angiotensin receptor blocker use Does 1/8 of the minimum dose count?

Predicting a die throw  These guys are soon headed to Wall St, where they will cause the next financial crisis.

Much more to happy retirement than money  Retirement isn’t a point in time, but a series of choices and actions, potentially lasting a number of decades. Many people don’t consider what that means and only plan for the first few months.

An Acupuncture Meta-Analysis  This should be kicking a dead horse, but unfortunately the horse keeps coming back to life.

Study links sinusitis to microbial diversity, suggests new approach for dealing with common ailment  Since fecal transplants work to restore healthy GI bacteria, the obvious solution here is….snot transplants!!


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