Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Fed QE-ffs again! Really no surprise, but Bernanke-san has made it offiiclal: QE to infinity, even greater effort to reflate the last bubble, and ZIRP ad infinitum. More of the same is the obvious answer because the failure so far couldn’t possibly be because their understanding of economics is wrong. At some point the markets will realize this level of desperation is actually bad news, rather than good.

Desperation Bazooka Tactics; Gold Soars Following Huge Headfake

The Punchline In His Own Words: Bernanke Advocates Blowing Asset Bubbles As The Antidote To Depression

Conventional Forensic Theory on Order of Bugs That Feast on Corpses Upended  Oops!  Good thing the police only arrest guilty people.

Study: One in four divorces ‘inefficient’  When measured by increased happiness. I’m happier, despite my ex achieving 95% efficiency in taking my money.

New study shows exercise may protect against future emotional stress  I think some of the effect is the act of exerting control over yourself and that feeling of control lowers stress.

Geneticists verify cholesterol-cancer link  Could explain the recent somewhat puzzling results with statins and certain cancers.

West Nile virus deaths up 35 pct in US  Bubbles everywhere. Who would have predicted it in a drought plagued year?

Parental divorce linked to stroke in males  One of those studies where my first thought is that it illustrates the danger of cheap computing power in finding spurious correlations.

Sexual Selection of Human Cooperative Behaviour: An Experimental Study in Rural Senegal  Makes sense. If a woman sees a man who doesn’t cooperate with anyone else, it’s reasonable to conclude she won’t be able to extract much from him either.

Evolving Righteousness in a Corrupt World  Promoting punishment in a screwed up society. I’m thinking there may be some real world application to this one.

US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA’s Military Detention Provision  Lost the battle, but not the war.

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers  Wyden stalling similar bill in the Senate but he’ll cave in eventually. Warrantless wiretapping can discover a lot of embarrassing information about Senators too.

No Duty to Secure Wi-Fi from BitTorrent Pirates, Judge Rules Since a web of unsecured networks is the only internet truly safe from government shutdown this is a rather important ruling.

Sexual arousal may decrease natural disgust response  Lol. This explains a lot of behaviors that seem puzzling when viewed in the cold light of day and reason.


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