Pseudo Random News and Comment

You silly, stupid commoner. With GSE’s being the bulk of the mortgage market and the Fed now buying all the paper they generate, why are you still not wanting to pay more for a house? What’s wrong with you? If only you would go out and pay more for everything you buy, things would be simply heavenly.  – The Fed

Mortgages 28 bps Away From Being Safer Than Treasurys  Doing great things for the economy already, allocating scarce resources to all the right places.

Did Bernanke Forget That Buying Houses For “Return” Is What Got Us Into This Mess In The First Place? The quote from the great BB brain is painful to behold. “…because they think they’ll make a better return on that purchase.”  They’ll feel wealthier, but not actually be wealthier. In essence making fraud an official public policy.

Confusing fact and opinion  A very timely reminder. I love bashing Bernanke et al as much as anyone but centrally planned disasters can take a generation to unfold so any investment decisions based on the ultimate outcome are likely to be extremely poorly timed – which is a practically indistinguishable from being wrong.

Malaysia holds seminars to help teachers spot ‘gay children’ They’re probably the ones emigrating as quickly as possible. Malaysia moving up my list of shithole countries, despite a lot of serious competition around the world.

Seventh Circuit Court: Chicago Cops Can’t Use ‘Annoyance’ As Reason To Stifle Free Speech  But it’s probably still OK to shoot or beat them, since that proves they were a danger to society.

Attack on Social Security: Raising Retirement Age to 69 Will Lower Monthly Benefit by 13%  I’ve never planned on getting a penny out of that Ponzi scheme, but had been getting my hopes up since I seem to be aging faster than expected. Those hopes have now been realigned with reality.

Consistent Condom Use Increases the Regression Rate of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 2–3  The conclusion credits condom use in the interval between biopsy and surgery, but that’s likely very highly correlated with prior condom use, so I have doubts that it makes as much difference as it appears at that late stage.

Kind of a short one today. THE Woman went to China and left me behind so I’m having to devote significant time and energy to moping and sulking.


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