Pseudo Random News and Comment

What Happens After Infinity?  Interesting speculations on inner workings of Bernanke’s bb brain. I’m not sure I want to be capaable of understanding that, since it might be contagious. The last time they hit the panic button was post-Lehman, so the question I have to ask is what bank(s) are about to implode?

A somewhat related interpretation –Is QE3 Yet Another Stealth Bank Bailout?

The Insanity Of The Authoritarian Worldview  Very much related. The delusions of central planners.

White matter structural changes ID’d in children with T1DM  Research is discovering more and more functions of white matter so this isn’t good news. No wonder I feel I’ve gotten very dull over the years.

Volume of grey matter may predict degree of altruism  And, as we all know, running for political office causes a severe shrinkage in gray matter.

Eating well during pregnancy reduces baby’s obesity risk regardless of mom’s size Another epigenetic triumph.

Focus Media: Three interpretations – which one is right LO-f’ing-L. My view is there is some actual revenue, which is/was almost 100% looted, with the balance of earnings faked to lure more investors. Explains all observations.

Nanex: Disturbing Liquidity  Anatomy of the next flash crash. Yup, thanks to the internet you can have the news before it happens.

Amazing social life of the Green iguana  Among other interesting points, the effeminate lizards are often rapists.

FBI Continues To Foil Its Own Devised Terrorist Plots  Same as it ever was.

The Inflation Mystery  I think it’s quite likely to return with a vengeance, but there is also the possibility that it will result in prices falling 5% a year rather than 25%.

The Copyright Act Explicitly Says Disruptive Innovation Should Be Blocked  Hardly surprising since copyright and patent laws have never existed to benefit consumers, but to protect existing producers. The supposed benefits are just empty rationalizations used to help keep the peasantry in check.

Skilled hunters 300,000 years ago  Humans again fall short of our own lofty view of ourselves. Kind of like American exceptionalism.

At the right place at the right time—new insights into muscle stem cells  If similar choosiness is displayed elsewhere it could explain some of the failures in other stem cell trials.

‘Sexting’ may go hand-in-hand with unprotected sex among teens  Sex makes you lose your mind so doing some Samuelson pump-priming with sexting may make it more difficult to take rational precautions when the time comes.

Foreclosure Activity Increases 1% In August According To RealtyTrac U.S. Foreclosure Market Report  Might be frozen foreclosure processes resuming or might be the second leg down starting. Or both, which is usually my favorite answer.


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