Pseudo Random News and Comment

Whodunit? Crows Ask That Question, Too  Since inferring agency is a prime driver behind religious belief in humans, do crows believe in god? If so, the lack of lightning strikes on animal experimenters implies their gods pay no more attention to prayers than the human ones.

Exclusive: Ghost warehouse stocks haunt China’s steel sector  Very interesting story of real world finance and rehypothecation (when I was young, and walked ten miles to school in a blizzard every day, this was known as fraud).

Your WiFi sucks. Why Wi-Fi Is Often So Slow

Exploit Released for Zero-Day in Internet Explorer  Already in the wild, courtesy of Chinese hackers (never sure if they are government employees or not, and I think anyone bright enough to be a government paid hacker would be smart and entrepreneurial enough to moonlight for their own account too).

QE and the new Fed plan: what are its dynamics?  More post game analysis of QE3->infinity. I think one question the Fed needs to answer is why they think paying more for everything makes people better off. Do the Fed heads rigorously avoid buying when things are on sale? Always pay more than the asking price? Always buy the most expensive choice? I seriously doubt it (and in reality I mean they give instructions to their personal shoppers, maids, assistants, or wives to do those things, since it’s very unlikely any of these godlike figures actually shop for themselves). If not, why don’t they? Yes indeed, these are the towers of intellectual virtuosity that are trying to determine our financial futures. It gives me such a warm feeling inside.

Mitt Romney under fire after comments caught on video  Math is off but otherwise I think it’s basically true, and Obama does too. He’s just too astute as a politician to say it in public.

Therapeutic Effects of Astragaloside IV on Myocardial Injuries: Multi-Target Identification and Network Analysis  The only reason I’m linking to this is at first I thought it said Astroglide, which sounded extremely interesting. Even without that added spice it’s still interesting to see how far medical analytical tools have come since the days of tasting urine to make a diagnosis

This time is different: post-bubble housing start of US vs. Japan  Interesting piece. One could reasonably conclude that – all else equal – housing prices in the US should fall for less than the 20 years and counting experienced in Japan, since fewer starts means less inventory later.

Longer exercise provides added benefit to children’s health  Today’s exercise link. Sorry, more is better, and in this study it was intense exercise too.

Lack of sleep affects bone health and bone marrow activity  Further reason to knock off early and go to sleep.

Scientific Paper: “The Fukushima Radioactive Plume Contaminated the Entire Northern Hemisphere During a Relatively Short Period  News is not that surprising. It had to go somewhere. What is more interesting is what it says about the rationality of expecting the government to improve the environment, since they’re consistently the most dangerous polluters.

Demographics and stock returns Excellent, and more nuanced, view of the impact of demographic trends. Also interesting how well it fits with the likely consequences of current Fed policy.

Trial strawberry variety shows exciting health potential  Strawberry pie may soon be healthier, and a good one is already like heroin to me.


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