Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bo Xilai implicated in murder scandal at police chief’s trial  This may be a big indication of which way the winds are blowing in the murky world of Chinese politics, at least at the moment.

Quick intuitive decisions foster more charity and cooperation than slow calculated ones  If you want to be a nice person, just do it. Deliberation will always find a reason not to.

Can post-breakup Facebook surveillance delay emotional recovery?  More dangers of Facebook. Pre-hookup surveillance freaks them out; post-hookup surveillance bugs them; post-breakup messes you up. But it’s still a good convenience store for stalkers so the company must be worth something.

Notes on My Gold Model Thoughts about refinements for the ZIRP era.

Diseases of aging map to a few ‘hotspots’ on the human genome  Who knew how easy it would be to gain immortality? Just chop those bits out and presto! What could go wrong?

Bank of Japan expands asset purchases; Spain in focus tomorrow  Beggar thy neighbor monetary policy ramps up the intensity. Who will win the money printing race?

Samsung begins mass producing industry’s highest density (128GB) embedded NAND storage  Might not be the best choice to pick a fight with on the part of AAPL

Is China the Biggest Malinvestment Case of All Time? Excellent summary of the idea of malinvestment, and a good road map for how it plays out. But keep in mind, knowing what will happen still doesn’t tell you when.

California August Sales Tax Collection Down 20% From Year Ago, Total Revenues Down 5.5%, Income Tax Up 11.6%; Spending Out Of Control By $3 Billion The slow motion train wreck of CA continues.

Did Jesus Christ really have a wife?  Which embassy should the Christians be attacking? It’s not the first time evidence of this has been put forward. After untold numbers of edits, rewrites, wholesale revisions, and translations, he’s most likely a compilation of several less impressive or marketable humans, so there were probably quite a few wives, men, goats and who knows what else.

When is lunch not just lunch? When it’s with your ex.  A word to the wise.

Money still leaving China I thought they might be more cautious about expatriating money and family around the changeover.

An Obligate Role of Oxytocin Neurons in Diet Induced Energy Expenditure  Hmmm, sex releases oxytocin, so…..


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