Pseudo Random News and Comment

China’s short-term money market rates rise despite central bank’s liquidity injection  Looking at the chart it doesn’t seem as significant as the headline implies, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Humble hero or hidden villain? The ongoing story of aspirin’s powers  If it were discovered today, it would probably never be approved.

Ig Nobels honour dead salmon’s ‘brain activity’ in improbable research awards  Dead salmon MRI study was probably a shoe-in but I don’t think it deserves an Ig Nobel since the purpose of that study was to highlight problems with the standard methodology, which it did quite well.

China is winning the race to print  Bernanke must feel so small and impotent now. He’ll no doubt try even harder.

Bernanke Fails At Herding Cats Again As Market Simply Front-Runs The Fed… Again  So it’s a stealth bailout to the big banks. What else is new?

Simply Irresistible: Scientists Trace Gluttony’s Path in the Brain  So an unscrupulous junk food manufacturer could put something in that will make you devour their product by the bucket.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell 1 (MSC1)-Based Therapy Attenuates Tumor Growth Whereas MSC2-Treatment Promotes Tumor Growth and Metastasis  Interesting distinction between cell types and subsequent outcomes. I need to go back and look at a UK mesenchymal stem cell study for type 1 diabetes and see if they distinguished between the two. I might be glad I couldn’t get in.


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