Pseudo Random News and Comment

Barron’s Covers Story: Facebook Is Worth $15  Per share – at least so far.

The hawks fight back  Unfortunately, even if successful, price stability is just another word for inflation, and there will still be malinvestments due to centrally planned money. With a fixed money supply, money would always become more valuable in terms of goods and services. Oh, the horror!

Spread between US mortgage rates and agency MBS yields hits record high  QE-Infinity is working like a charm for some, until the bubble bursts again.

The drugs don’t work: a modern medical scandal   Must read piece on how psychiatric drugs in particular, get approved.

On Takers and Payers  Some hilarious numbers on Obamacare penalty provisions.

Find Out If You Are Doing Things Which Might Be Considered Suspicious Are you a potential terrorist? The shadow [government] knows.

The IgNobel Prize in Literature: I think we need another report.  Also a clip from Office Space.

When Even Hilarious Web Comic Artists Are Mocking The Insanity Of The Patent System…  Mastering three wishes.

The Fed Now Owns 27% Of All Duration, Rising At Over 10% Per Year  But for heaven’s sake, don’t call it monetization. People might lose confidence.

The Inside Story of a Controversial New Text About Jesus More on the jesus married his disciple or whore or whatever story. There were so many messiahs running around at that time, and so many texts, and so many political and marketing moves made by various branches of the christian church over time, that any accurate historical account is bound to make it all seem a farce of the highest order. Sort of like The Life of Brian.


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