Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Difference Between Honesty and Cheating  depends on where you sign your name.

Ordinarily the Big Mac Index is about all I pay attention to from the Economist but this is of grave importance. Drizzle and drought

Update: House Prices will decline month-to-month Seasonally later in 2012  It’s already quite obvious in the listings I monitor.

The inner object  I often ask the same question when reading about some public policy debate – often featuring the same strange mix of logic and irrationality: Why do either?

World famous plagiarist Joe Biden’s wife provides evidence that the story of Pinocchio may have some factual basis.

IgNobel Peace Prize: Ammo is a girl s best friend?  Swords into plowshares.

On The Rise Of ETFs As A Driver Of Bond Returns  Interesting look at the tail wagging the dog effect of ETFs, now in the bond market too.

Gold Counterfeiting Goes Viral: 10 Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Are Discovered In Manhattan  Either this means gold really is money, or it really is near a top.

Thailand’s skin-whitening craze reaches woman’s intimate areas Pretty sad. First plastic surgery to restore “virginity” and now this. Though not stated in the article, to me this is another expression of the consequences of the tradeoff between vitamin D and folate in skin color. Men tend to prefer lighter skinned women because they’re more fertile at a given latitude, and don’t care about the small increase inf birth defects that results from lighter skin because they only have to invest a teaspoon of resources. Women are adapting to that preference, but who really wants an ice cream shop with only one flavor? ..and it probably only attracts more hit and run specialists anyway.


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