Pseudo Random News and Comment

Chinese Flock to the GMAT  Sorry, China bulls. A flood of MBAs is something no society can withstand. Doom is guaranteed.

A short story of a loss-making steel mill in China The essence of any bubble is malinvestment. Read it and weep, not as a disappointment for the bulls, but as a diminution of the future of many millions of people.

Why You Hate Cyclists  I don’t agree that cyclists are less likely to stereotype drivers because they also drive. I have lots of driver stereotypes, the worst two being teenagers in muscle cars (almost guaranteed to yell and swerve at you, and frequently throw things), and anyone driving a minivan with a Jesus fish or sticker (who all seem to drive by closing their eyes and letting Jesus handle it). Another variable I’ve found important over 30 years of serious cycling is whether the preferred recreational drug in the area is booze or pot. If it’s booze, it’s going to get ugly.

Government Spies Illegally Bugged Kim Dotcom, Prime Minister Admits  But those laws are just for show anyway.

Foxconn closes China factory after brawl  It’s unclear to me whether fights on the streets, on airline flights, and assorted riots are an indication of increased societal stress and unrest or just more often reported.

America’s Discouraging Income Story  I’ve often told THE Woman that what scares me most is that the ruling elite are too clueless to understand there are limits to what they can do and keep the golden goose alive. Based on the across the board declines shown here, it appears they’ve already crossed the line. The most likely response to decline is tightening their grip on the goose’s neck further.

Sars-like virus detected  But  remember, god says evolution doesn’t exist.

Gene linked to age-related degeneration of intervertebral discs identified

Fair Trade is Unfair; In Praise of Cheap Labor; Are Bad Jobs at Bad Wages Better than No Jobs at All? Are Paul Krugman and Mitt Romney On the Same Page? I’m so glad my parents taught me never to worry about fairness. Saved me a lot of pointless, fuzzy-headed debate and frustration. Life is an unavoidably arbitrary and capricious affair.

Fish Oil Supplement Research Remains Murky A bit of an understatement, and a good read.

Castration Led to Longer Life in Historical Study of Korean Eunuchs  The good news is you can live longer; the bad news is you may not care.

Immune system molecule affects our weight  Pretty cool, since illness often alters appetite.

Can the Source of Funding for Medical Research Affect the Results? Duh, but fortunately…News flash! Doctors aren’t all compliant pharma drones!  “Although I tend to agree that the design of a study should be the primary determinant of how that study is evaluated, one can’t help but note that selective reporting of results can taint even the best designed trial.”  An impressively high percentage agree with that.

The Fed Is Systematically Destroying Social Security And The Retirement Plans Of Millions  What’s the big problem? One of the BB’s more free money for everyone programs will fix this too.


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