Pseudo Random News and Comment

Jazz Legend Jaco Pastorius Gives a 90 Minute Bass Lesson and Plays Live in Montreal (1982)  Decades ago when I wanted to be a professional bassist, Pastorius was my favorite. I’m not sure if seeing this back then would have inspired me or caused me to quit on the spot. His practice methods were almost identical to what I came up with myself (I liked to use Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns to force me to do unnatural acts), but I never had anything close to his level of natural talent, and this makes that quite clear.

El Nino may soon return: UN weather agency  But relatively weak.

How Awe Stops Your Clock  Also covers what components are needed for awe, and some downsides.

Millionaire Status Is Fleeting  As I told someone yesterday who asked for general investment advice, the most important thing you can do is not make big mistakes. Random ups and downs will tend to even out, but the serious screw ups are just too hard for blind luck to overcome.

Our Own Words Enchant Us Yet another reason asking someone about themselves is the best way to get them to like you.

Espionage Hackers Target ‘Watering Hole’ Sites  Damn crocodiles! Always interesting to see the parallels with genetically evolved strategies.

Best Evidence for Brain Training Falls Short  Specificity is the hallmark of good physical training, and the effects of mental training are looking to be equally specific, with no generalized improvements. But not likely to stop the industry from implying otherwise.

Tops, Bottoms and Middles  Middles are also troubling because of the pervasive desire to do something when there’s really nothing that should be done.

Boosting natural marijuana-like brain chemicals treats fragile X syndrome symptoms Fun to imagine how kids will be torturing this result to justify certain behaviors.

Waiting In Line For An iPhone 5…For No Reason  This kind of sheeple behavior is normally late stage mania, like right before the tortured witches start naming town leaders and the whole thing dies a quick death and everyone pretends it never happened.

Rent-To-Own Laptops Secretly Photographed Users Having Sex, FTC Says  THE Woman laughs at me for having a post-it note over the camera on my laptop. She probably won’t after reading this.

Doctors’ ‘gut feeling’ should not be ignored, study suggests  Experienced intuition passes another test.


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