Pseudo Random News and Comment

New Home Sales and Distressing Gap  But if distressed sales and existing are dominating the market, it could also mean new home prices are still too high.

Biologist discovers mammal with salamander-like regenerative abilities  Amphibians have been studied for years with little success. Finding a more similar example could speed up progress significantly.

Artificially intelligent game bots pass the Turing test on Turing’s centenary  But were they happy to win? Half the humans should be given a booby prize for being less human than a bot, and many of them would feel great about being so dull and uninteresting.

Exposure to snot-nosed kids ups severity of cold infections  Confirms what already seemed obvious about those annoying little vectors. They should be avoided like the plague, because they’ll probably give you that too.

Open Season on Salt: What the Science on Hypertension Really Shows  Not as simple as news reports make it seem. Certain sub-populations are most likely the main source of the reported risks, while the rest probably don’t need to worry about it much.

Google will be the First Trillion Dollar Company So many things flying under the radar at Google that have the potential to be huge. Just licensing fees on the driverless car technology could make them one of the largest automotive companies in the world.

Are 401k Investors Making a Mistake with Hybrid Funds?  I’ve long thought target date funds were a ridiculous idea since it’s an active approach based entirely on your parents’ mating decisions and nothing to do with what’s going on in the market.

Police Delete Aftermath Footage Of Suspect Shot 41 Times  What do you think would have happened if the guy refused to hand over his cellphone? How much harassment do you think he and everyone on his contact list will be getting from the local cops? What are the odds of the officer getting anything more than a short suspension? I suspect these are all questions with bleak answers. It’s SOP.

Cyborg Cockroach Wired for Search and Rescue  Cockroaches like those in The Fifth Element are finally nearing user-friendly reality. But if they come in the house, THE Woman will still make me kill them.

Sumatra quake was part of crustal plate breakup: Study shows huge jolt measured 8.7, ripped at least 4 faults  The big question is what comes next.

9 Reasons Everyone (Yes Even You) Should Learn To Trade  Great list of the benefits. But since trading is hard to define, how do you know you aren’t trading already?

Researchers make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging  Cool! More dope in the pipeline for masters racers.

Moderate Exercise Promotes Human RBC-NOS Activity, NO Production and Deformability through Akt Kinase Pathway  Some insight into how exercise works its magic on microvascular function.

Momentary Conscious Pairing Eliminates Unconscious-Stimulus Influences on Task Selection  How to derail environmental influences on decision-making. Important in so many areas, especially when other humans are working hard at creating new environments to influence you in offices, stores, websites – and especially markets.


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