Pseudo Random News and Comment

Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai expelled from Communist party  Great example of the hypocrisy of Chinese justice since he’s also accused of “maintaining improper sexual relationships with several women,” which is part of the standard benefit package for officials.

US Military Classifies Wikileaks As ‘Enemy Of The United States’  Protecting our freedoms from evildoers. Truth, justice, extralegal executions, and the American Way.

New Indices for Predicting Glycaemic Variability  Potentially much more useful than simple HbA1c in predicting clinical outcomes.

What’s the Difference Between Life and Death?  More on what will be one of this century’s biggest ethical thickets. Also see The evolution of death for a look at the impact of technology on the definition of death.

Real Disposable Income Per Capita: The Recent Positive Trend Is Broken  The whole thrust of the BB brain plan is to make you feel better off anyway.

When big money chases rentals  …it ends the same as any other time when “money” and “chase” are used in the same sentence. Without increasing incomes it’s going to be a pretty short ride.

It Matters Whether You Live On A Street Or A Road  So the PO adding a St suffix on a street that never had one may have cost me 15% when I sold? Ouch.

Study ties early menopause to heart attack, stroke  Definitely a good place to procrastinate, despite your desire to eliminate the monthly bill.

Over 65s at increased risk of developing dementia with benzodiazepine  Big result since the stuff is handed out like candy.

Liver cells, insulin-producing cells, thymus can be grown in lymph nodes  I’d prefer to see long-term results to confirm there is an adequate supportive milieu.

What Student Loans Are Really Spent On  At least with the more creative recipients.


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