Pseudo Random News and Comment

Guess Who Was The Biggest Beneficiary From The Fed’s POMO Bonanza Somewhat surprisingly, they play favorites among their favorites too. But it’s not at all surprising who is most favored.

The Strange Case of Bo Xilai  A nice summary of the case and implications.

The Structure of Mindful Brain  You might even be able to find markers of it in an autopsy, so it’s not all in your head, even if it’s almost all in your head.

What Eye Movements Can Tell about Theory of Mind in a Strategic Game  Never let a poker player wear sunglasses.

Individual Differences in Foraging Strategies of Parasitic Sabre-Tooth Blennies Evidently the Democratic and Republican parties have finally merged, renaming themselves parasitic sabre-tooth blennies.

Glucose Intolerance and the Amount of Visceral Adipose Tissue Contribute to an Increase in Circulating Triglyceride Concentrations in Caucasian Obese Females  Always thought there had to be some other significant variables influencing triglyceride levels since the usual suspects explain so little of the variations.

Killers on the loose: the deadly viruses that threaten human survival Know your enemy, their friends and fellow travelers.

Mediterranean Style Diet and 12-Year Incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases: The EPIC-NL Cohort Study  This should help muddy the waters, just like every other diet and disease study. Lately, I think diet is mostly important for the way it modifies the microbiome, and the rest of the supposed benefits are the result of underlying genetic differences in sub-populations.


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