Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bo Guagua speaks up for disgraced father Bo Xilai  A true political animal, he claims to be unable to believe the allegations, despite the contents of an assortment of foreign accounts which are funding his lifestyle.

Ben Goldacre: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe  More on the twisted world of published studies.

JPMorgan, Bank of America Forgive Debts that No Longer Exist; Wonderful News! But For Whom? If it didn’t come off the books post-bankruptcy why should it now? Since 2009 I think all banks’ financial statements are wishful thinking with numbers attached, facilitated by rule changes plus a wink and a nod from regulators. Might as well invest in China if you’re wiling to wade into that shark infested pool.

Analysis: Mark Zandi wrong about housing tax credit But please tell me cash for clunkers or refrigerators was a great idea.

Is The Money-Laundering Driven Real Estate “Boom” Ending?  Offshore money is definitely a huge factor in some markets, but overall I think this overstates the geographic case. But I’m not sure it’s overstated regarding the flood of money in general. For example – Addiction to central banks’ stimulus gets out of control

China’s Great Wall Of Suds: Chemical Spill Results In 50 Foot Foam Tsunami  Thankfully the air is still clean.

Canny Chinese Securities Firms  How much do people need to see before they come to their senses about investing in China? I think too many people convince themselves they’re smart enough to avoid that fate. But, it’s done to everyone – even the fraudsters themselves are routinely defrauded. It’s just considered all part of the game…Wall St will get [back] to the same point eventually.


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