Pseudo Random News and Comment

As the [presumably] unintended consequences pile up, it’s not too hard to imagine a scenario where Obama’s idiotic 30% tariffs become the butterfly wings that send the world economy over the precipice. Chinese local govt lends $32 mln to solar firm Suntech – report

Giro d’Italia 2013 route unveiled in Milan  Once again la corsa rosa puts the rest to shame with the most beautiful race of the year. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo stage is a true monster.

Scary Android Malware Story  Note to self: Add some security apps to your phone in addition to all the time waster apps.

Analysis Finds Fraud Is Widespread in Retracted Scientific Papers  Scary not only because it makes medical decisions much more difficult, but because the dramatic increase may reflect a general decline in trust throughout society, which can ultimately be fatal.

Day of the Month Matters  Even if it’s not directly useful for trading, as TAA becomes more widespread I think shifting rebalancing days will be increasingly important to avoid the monthly stampede, which is already an issue.

Nominal Prices  BB brain, et al continue to focus on increasing nominal prices as the path to economic salvation. This piece, first published in 1845, does a nice job of demolishing that idea. Those who fail to learn from history…

Zinc deficiency mechanism linked to aging, multiple diseases  Important to note this is deficiency, not an argument for supplementation.

Stem cells improve visual function in blind mice  Pretty exciting result, especially if you’re a blind mouse.

Genetically engineering immune systems to fight melanoma: Clinical trial launched Going beyond generalized immunomodulation to a more direct approach.

Researchers halt autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis in mice  Getting the idea that gene therapy and stem cells are the wave of the future yet?

National study finds reduced glaucoma risk in patients who take statins Yet another study showing statins cure everything under the sun. It’s starting to sound like a quackypracter ad, which makes me very nervous. Statin Use and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

Botox Fights Depression  If you are unable to turn that frown upside down, paralyze your face so you can’t make any expressions. Depressed people also slouch and slump so maybe full body paralysis would be even better. Personally, I’d rather have a car that can do forward and reverse, rather than one permanently stuck in neutral.

Exercise improves memory, thinking after stroke, study finds Hah, I knew trying to run up stairs 10 times 2 weeks post-discharge was a good idea.

In a Zero-Day World, It’s Active Attacks that Matter  Browsers aren’t equal after all. But governments don’t publish their zero day exploits so it’s never certain.

The bull case is still intact  Most of the indicators I watch that weren’t confirming the move have now reversed course too. Hold your nose and hold on.

Antivaccine versus anti-GMO: Different goals, same methods  The entire debate over GMO has always baffled me. Evolution and natural selection are genetically modifying things all the time. Every time someone has a child they’re shuffling genes, with only very indirect knowledge and control over the process. Arguing a random, brainless process is somehow less dangerous than a planned modification is ludicrous. It doesn’t mean GMO is risk-free (I think the biggest risk is from monocultures), but it’s far less likely to harm us than what’s being cooked up in nature’s viral labs around the globe.


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