Pseudo Random News and Comment

How Do You Know If A TSA Agent Stole An iPad? There’s An App For That  One can only wonder how an agent so stupid as to be unaware this was possible is supposed to defeat any terrorists (to the extent they actually exist). TSA agents have also gotten caught jerking off in front of the porn-scanner screen so it’s probably best to temper your expectations.

Beta-blocker use not associated with lower risk of cardiovascular events  The most recent result in a long string of contradictory studies on BP meds. I think the winner of the best BP drug contest is very dependent on the patient sub-populations included, so even larger studies are easily manipulated by subtle shifts in the patient population to get whatever results are desired. It’s making my head hurt.

A Few Trading Lessons Some excellent advice.

Survival of the Nicest: Friendly Baboons Live Longest  Somebody tell China and Japan before they do something stupid.

Who You Calling the Dumb Money? Nearly everyone will respond to incentives over time. Smart vs dumb is mostly in when they recognize the opportunity.

Gene responsible for many spontaneous breast cancers identified  As the cost of sequencing has fallen, the rate of progress has gone up dramatically. It’s starting to get exciting. Given my usual timing that means we’re probably five years from something very big.

Adult stem cells change their epigenome to generate new organs

New antibiotic cures disease by disarming pathogens, not killing them  Live and let live, redirecting evolution away from pathogenic variants.

Scientists discover immune cells could protect against obesity I really have to wonder about the downside when mucking about with the immune system.

On Risk Convergence, Over-Determined Systems, And Hyperinflation The concluding comments on hyperinflation are particularly interesting.

When You Can’t Quantify Your Risk  A Rumsfeldian look at unknowns, both known and unknown.


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