Seven Manoa Waterfalls – Kahuwaiiki Update

Manoa : The Story of a Valley lists seven waterfalls in Manoa Valley, according to an old-timer’s account. After more research and stumbling around since the previous post, I think we finally found them all. Here’s the listing from the book again, with updated guesses of the current names:

**UPDATE 11/16/12 ** After reading this post, I’ve changed things around again.

  • Wai’ihiiki – Aihualama Falls
  • Wai’ihinui – Manoa Falls
  • Luaaulaia – Lua’alaea
  • Naniuapo – same
  • Wa’aloa – Queen’s Bath
  • Kahuwaiiki – Waihi, and described by another name here.
  • Waiakekua – Waiakeakua

I think this time it’s probably correct. We took a hike to Kahuwaiiki to check it out and cross the final one off the list. If you keep your eyes open it’s not too hard to find the stream bed off the right side of the trail heading up to Manoa Falls.

It’s only about 30 minutes of scrambling up the stream to get to the falls. The channel does a bit of a right turn near the falls, so you don’t see it coming until you’re quite close.

After following such a small stream it’s quite a surprise to see the size of the waterfall.

Since THE Woman had never seen Aihualama Falls, we took a detour to Lyon Arboretum on the way back. Compared to the rest of the falls in Manoa Valley it’s definitely 7th best, but, after seeing them all, I think the more famous Manoa Falls only makes 6th place.


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