Pseudo Random News and Comment

Dial In Your Happiness Science to the rescue.

Therapeutic Potential of a Monoclonal Antibody Blocking the Wnt Pathway in Diabetic Retinopathy  As usual, 30 years too late for me.

Sleeping brain behaves as if it’s remembering something, study shows Possibly taking out the trash more than memory consolidation.

Got Cash? (Part 2)  …and the best deals are often from desperate people who can’t wait around for you to come up with the money.

(Not so) Golden Rules About Investing (& Not Investing) Good reminder that the trouble with rules is that there are always exceptions, and it’s never certain whether this time is one of them.

Whether we like someone affects how our brain processes movement Distorted mirror neurons.

Facebook and Twitter more tempting than sex: study  Scientific proof there really is something wrong with kids these days. Social media may cause extinction.

Is China an economic miracle, or one massive Government-­sponsored fraud?  The quicker it collapses the quicker the people can recover, but the culture of corruption and fraud puts a hard limit on how far they can go. When Russia was allowed some measure of freedom, starting with a similar black market culture, it become a gangster nation.

House Science Member Says Earth is 9,000 years old  He’s a physician?!

Oxidative Stress Induced Inflammation Initiates Functional Decline of Tear Production  Dry eyes may be more than just a nuisance.


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