Pseudo Random News and Comment

Ageing linked to cancer  Horrible headline, since it’s only indirectly related to cancer, but very significant since it connects inflammation with decreased stem cell function, and stem cell function with aging. If this is universal in the body it suggests a number of relatively simple interventions and explains a number of other observations.

Can’t sleep, havin’ sex!  Why sleep? Nobody really knows.

Nobel prize won by Briton written off in his teens by a science teacher  More reason to distrust authority.

Lessons From The Evolution Of US House Prices  States and phase space. Cool charts of the housing debacle, which is clearly still in progress…

Netherlands House Price Crash Underway; Will France Follow?  Cue the next banking crisis, and get ready to pay up…

The World’s Largest Money-Laundering Machine: The Federal Reserve I wouldn’t call it money laundering, but it’s definitely a tool for the elite to increase their wealth, as this clearly illustrates.

Chinese sex fair shows how prudishness and liberation sit side-by-side  Sounds a little familiar in the puritanical US of Janet Jackson furor fame,

Ten-minute online test estimates ‘Face-Name Memory IQ’

Distributing the origins of human will I think the residual is doomed to extinction with a better catalog of the genome and the application of math and massive computing power.

What’s Your Number at the Zero Bound?  Kiss your retirement goodbye thanks to the Fed. But no worries, you can always modify the other important variable: lifespan.

Nearly half of children with autism wander or ‘bolt’ from safe places  No mention of why, which would be very interesting.


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