Pseudo Random News and Comment

DHS: Our Reports To Congress Are Successful Bullshit  I think the most significant change that has happened in government in my lifetime isn’t any change in the amount of lying and criminality, but that it’s now done so openly and brazenly, signaling that the behavior no longer carries any significant risks.

Supreme Court Terminates Warrantless Electronic Spying Case  When you spend your entire career in government, are paid by the government, and hold a position of significant power it shouldn’t be any surprise you consistently rule in favor of your employer, regardless of your professed beliefs.

Last Year, Google & Apple Spent More On Patents Than On R&D  That’s incredibly productive. Hmmm, I’m thinking of a line from Lucky Number Slevin

100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Preserved in Amber Discovered  If you come up with something that works, keep using it. For 100 million years if necessary.

More atheists in the Age of New Atheism  This trend won’t mean much until more women start describing themselves as atheist on dating sites.

Charts Of The Day: 111 Years Of Federal Tax And Spending  Never believe it when they say some revenue/tax measure is only temporary. When the income tax was passed members of Congress scoffed at the idea that the top rate would ever exceed 6%.

Effective negotiation: Study finds flirting can pay off for women Unclear if it worked for Madeleine Albright.

Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing Get that cloaking device tuned up.

Video: Slime Mold’s Powers of Recall Hint at Origin of Memory People addicted to smart phones are no better than slime mold. Both use external physical memory.

Carlyle’s China problem: some questions for David Rubenstein I find the disguised bribery angle most compelling, though I’m always willing to wager some money on human stupidity.

Are Humans Monogamous or Polygamous?  Yes, they are. Interesting bit about crime rates in China and India too.

Vitamin C Prevents Hypogonadal Bone Loss

Non-performing loans continue to increase in Wenzhou  That snowball still seems to be rolling downhill.

Chronic kidney disease alters intestinal microbial flora, study finds  Interesting, but at this point I’d guess everything alters it, so the big question is what is optimal in each situation?

Brain Connectivity Predicts Reading Skills  A conflict with neural plasticity, and echoes of Gattaca-style determinism.


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