Pseudo Random News and Comment

Off Topic: Is Apple The Biggest Mania Of Our Lifetime? Not yet since it has profits, which the Internet Bubble did not, but it’s a cult whose leader is dead. While that worked well for Christianity, in most cases it doesn’t, and it’s even more difficult when the cult has to produce a physical product to sustain itself.

Housing Recovery in Perspective A longer perspective is always a wonderful antidote to enthusiasm.

This Chinese turtle urinates through its mouth They probably like that kinky Japanese porn too.

HK woman dies, 3 hospitalized by beauty treatment The more I hear about Chinese medicine the more appalling it becomes.

Testosterone Administration Reduces Lying in Men But, as the Lance Armstrong case shows, it certainly doesn’t eliminate it.

Extracts of Strawberry Fruits Induce Intrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells and Inhibits Tumor Progression in Mice Would a topical application work?

Supreme Court to Rule on Patents for Self-Replicating Products The consequences of their idiotic decision on patenting life continue to multiply. I don’t have much hope they’ll get this one right, despite the truly monumental degree Monsanto is trying to stretch it in this case.

Tumblr continues its quest for original content, sending out a call for paid freelancers

Stroke becoming more common in young people, study says I wish I hadn’t jumped on this trend early.

Low-Dose Oral Sirolimus and the Risk of Menstrual-Cycle Disturbances and Ovarian Cysts: Analysis of the Randomized Controlled SUISSE ADPKD Trial  The trouble with wonder drugs is there’s always something hiding in the weeds.

Good look at the factors driving the market. The Future of American Housing



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