Pseudo Random News and Comment

T-House: a swimming pool for entrance  When I was a kid I wanted a house with an entry like the Get Smart phone booth, set on a concrete pad in a field. This is way better.

Mystery of Ball Lightning Solved Maybe not solved, but a testable theory at least.

3D Printer DRM Patent To Stop People Downloading a Car Thank god someone is trying to keep consumers from ever benefiting from innovation. Imagine the unholy horrors that would result.

Teens don’t like danger, just don’t understand consequences, study shows Further refinement in the trouble with teens’ decisions.

Suicide attempts by poisoning found to be less likely around major holidays Too stuffed to think about drinking anything?

Documented decrease in frequency of Hawaii’s northeast trade winds I thought so.

A Silk Solution to Repair Eardrums? Turns out putting a silk purse in a sow’s ear is the solution to that old problem.

Stock Market Troubles A tour of the dark side.

America is So Completely Unprepared For Retirement it’s Actually More Funny Than Sad  My first reaction is always to laugh at these numbers too…until I realize I will end up paying for other people’s stupidity via government attempts to fix the problem and it becomes very sad.

Bank of China Warns of Ponzi Schemes; China’s Demographic Peak; Birth Rate Comparison China vs. US; “China Will Grow Old Before Growing Rich” Plus, all the informal private investment pools, which provide loans for many of the “cash” house purchases are another area ripe for the picking by scammers.

Pre-test jitters might boost scores, study says But only if you have a good memory.

Prostate cancer: Curcumin curbs metastases Another reason to eat more.

Chinese Systematic Reviews of Acupuncture Not a pretty picture, especially for the those forking over large chunks of their limited incomes for this and other quackery.


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