Pseudo Random News and Comment

Congratulations! Fully 2/3 of the traffic yesterday didn’t report the referring site. Good to see privacy still matters to some people.

I’ve mentioned a few times that the Chinese often seem more free market than the US. More evidence: Zhang Weiying: China’s Anti-Keynesian Insurgent

I left Hawaii before they folded but I still fondly remember Radio Free Hawaii as the best station ever. My first introduction to NWA and many others (all unedited too). Remembering Radio Free Hawaii, 15 Years Later

Via Sinocism, the rough life of an oligarch: New Details of How Wife of Chinese Politician Thought She Was Poisoned  I could have told her that alternative medicine crap would kill her.

Finally, a More Exciting Design for Wind Power  Looks like it might solve a few of the problems with traditional designs.

Large penises and an evolutionary theory of vaginal orgasm. A careful reading suggests they have discovered women prefer what gets them off, rather than what doesn’t. In a few more years maybe some practical application of that discovery will be found.


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