Pseudo Random News and Comment

First successful total synthesis of Erythropoietin Which means its use in sports will no longer be directly detectable.

An immunosuppressive drug could delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases Rapamune is back in the news.

Technicians Starting to Growl I think there’s still another decent, if half-hearted, rally left before anything really big will happen.  Not enough breadth divergence in the NYSE at this point, though Nasdaq breadth is pretty ugly already.

Master Keys Finding a single voice of reason among the terrorized.

Fearful flyers willing to pay more and alter flight plans, according to travel study Not obvious how a marketing plan could take advantage of this without causing more damage than benefit.

The Simple Question That Answers All Booze consumption is a traditional recession indicator, so maybe this answers the question:  Americans Get Fatter, Drunker

“Is anybody sane here?” said the psychiatrist to the journalists No, according to the new DSM.

Vital Signs: A Rip Van Winkle Virus One of the many faces of herpes viruses.

The Osaka House  Hard to imagine a less hospitable building site.


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