Pseudo Random News and Comment

Why Are You Outperforming? Why Are You Underperforming? I’ve been playing around with some TAA models lately and the numbers can be impressive for the risk-averse investor. But before putting any money into the method it’s very important to really try to feel what it will be like when the market is up 100% in 2 years, while you’re only up 20%, your friends are talking about all the money they’ve made, and the vacation home they just bought. Many people will jump ship at that point, generally at exactly the wrong time.

Follow Up to Timely Portfolio’s “What if We Go to Zero?” Useful number crunching on the best case for bonds.

Twitter is not declining But I’ve totally lost interest, which means the 5 year doomsday clock has started ticking.

Guys and Sex Dolls – Scenes from the Guanzghou Sexpo The state of the Chinese sex industry.

As Drone Debate Rages, Police Move on to Million-Dollar Spy Planes You’re under house arrest.

Studying Zero-Day Attacks Interesting how quickly they spread post announcement.

ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS: Intermittent binge drinking could cause significant brain impairment within months, research shows

The War on Drugs: It’s Not Going Well On the contrary, I think this is evidence it’s going exactly according to plan. Dollar value of street drugs has grown significantly, bureaucratic empires have blossomed, and surveillance and control of citizens has exploded. Dealers give campaign contributions to the politicians to keep it illegal (or defeat ballot measures that would do the same). Everyone is happy.

Which Is More Useful in Predicting Hospital Mortality -Dichotomised Blood Test Results or Actual Test Values? A Retrospective Study in Two Hospitals I never pay that much attention to normal/abnormal, which I think obscures too many details and early changes. I also think many people do better with graphical presentations of the data.

Large-scale study confirms link between creativity and mental illness Luckily I’m feeling very uncreative lately.

An ERP Study on Decisions between Attractive Females and Money Male decision-making: Sex > Beauty > Money.

Your Fat Needs Sleep Too Dramatic changes in insulin sensitivity when sleep deprived.

Prion protein hints at role in aiding learning and memory May explain why we let them hang around.

Eating lots of carbs, sugar may raise risk of cognitive impairment, study finds Horrible news.

Starvation hormone markedly extends mouse life span, researchers show 30% increase in lifespan. Interesting because increased insulin sensitivity and inhibition of HGH can also occur with endurance exercise.


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