Pseudo Random News and Comment

Nike terminate Armstrong’s contract Lance also steps down as chairman of Livestrong. For someone who has bought every friend they have this isn’t a good sign.

How Lance Armstrong Is Like Lehman Bros.

China’s Big Four banks rotate auditors  China is working hard at the stock game – allowing more suckers outside investors in, and now this prelude to even more thoroughly cooked books.

A Surreal Skateboarding Journey Through China’s Infamous Ghost Town  Hey, I saw a few cars there! Now I feel so bad I’ve called these ghost cities malinvestments.

Two US sailors accused of Okinawa rape Their disciplinary efforts must be effective since this latest victim was 20 years old instead of 14. Imagine the uproar if there were Mexican bases in South Carolina and this happened (repeatedly).

Shape of urine stream can indicate prostate issues The diagnostic utility of yellow snow.

Why I Decided to Rethink Hiring Smart People A corollary to my “intelligence facilitates more idiotic rationalizations” idea in investing.

New study proves Moon was created in massive planetary collision Hopefully there won’t be a repeat until the sun becomes a red giant.

Pirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-Proof I think this overstates the improvement since the cloud providers can still be targeted, and property rights of third parties have been ignored in the copyright raids.

Does true love wait? Age of first sexual experience predicts romantic outcomes in adulthood A serious confusion about cause and effect, though the economic and educational impacts are hardly surprising for early sex.

A Bias For Real-Estate Bias in the biggest asset purchase you are likely to make. Don’t forget this either: Realtors are just a biased bunch of college dropouts who have found a way to make easy money by forcing themselves between two parties in an economic exchange. –Dennis


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