Pseudo Random News and Comment

Abbott kidney study halted over safety concerns  Bardoxolone bites the dust. Very disappointing because early results were jaw droppingly good. Perhaps that should have been a warning.

Invest for the Long Run? Good example highlighting the risks of market timing based on when you parents conceived you. If you’re going to have kids, try to time it right.

Antidepressants linked to increased risk of stroke, but risk is low First increased risk of dementia, now stroke. If you weren’t depressed before, antidepressants may give you a reason to be.

I Would Destroy Half the Value for Half the Price I don’t want to get into a bidding war but I’ll make it go to zero for 1/100th the price. Alternatively I’ll break it up, put all the crap into one unit and sell that to the Fed. Not sure where the breakup value would end up, but I’ll do it for the same price.

Dolphins Can Maintain Vigilant Behavior through Echolocation for 15 Days without Interruption or Cognitive Impairment However, there’s no evidence they are fully awake, as popular accounts made it seem.

Dutch Propose Powers For Police To Break Into Computers, Install Spyware And Destroy Data — Anywhere In The World The rapid spread of these powers, actions, and laws is far more dangerous than any virus.

Flu Shots May Not Protect the Elderly or the Very Young I think one variable that has been ignored in the studies is the effect of a series of annual vaccinations. Since the healthier patients who account for most of the supposed benefit presumably are getting them every year, the previous immunizations may account for at least part of that effect.

OOPS  Google shares suspended after accidental email wipes $22bn off value

Is He Being Bad? Social and Language Brain Networks during Social Judgment in Children with Autism Differences in autism could lead to poor generalization.

The Human Factor: Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Humanized Perception in Moral Decision Making Note to your future self: Try to make yourself more human to the prison camp guards.

Time for some new fonts! Subtle Increases in Interletter Spacing Facilitate the Encoding of Words during Normal Reading

Leading bone marrow transplant expert recommends significant change to current practice Marrow, rather than peripheral, leads to less GVHD

Study shows overeating impairs brain insulin function, can lead to diabetes and obesity A matter of more than just calories

Ecco il sistema Ferrari – Conti svizzeri, contratti finti  English rehash here.  Shades of Al Capone. Do whatever dirty deeds you want, but pay your damn taxes or you’re going to get it.


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