Pseudo Random News and Comment

The odors of the human vagina.  Full text unfortunately behind a paywall, but the numbers open up a lot of possibilities…for information content and signaling.

Scientists Read Dreams Gay marriage will never do anything to harm the traditional form, but this sure as hell might.

Fossil Scars Capture Dinosaur Head-Butts Nature has been recycling the same strategies for millions of years. A serious case of infringement.

Spanish Gov’t Wants To Make It A Crime To Photograph Cops This attitude is spreading like wildfire. If all they did was protect and serve, the videos and pictures would be great advertising. But selling drugs out of squad cars, taking bribes to look the other way, and needless beatings and shootings are so embarrassing.

Effective Tax Rates Around the World Calling these the effective tax rates obscures the truth since these numbers are clearly based on stated rates, not what people actually end up paying. Greece, Italy, and China are obvious cases where the rates are significantly overstated. On the other hand, the US compliance rate is quite high.

Implicit Learning of Recursive Context-Free Grammars  More proof unconscious learning works well even with quite complex data.

High school whiz kid retracts PLoS ONE herd immunity paper Have to wonder how he’ll act when his grants and career are riding on a steady stream of output. [Does Harvard have a redheaded dude quota or something?]

Post 23 [“99 Problems” and 2012 Election Just in case you haven’t seen it already, a brilliant reworking of Jay-Z’s classic. Lyrics included. If they reflect the feelings of the unwashed masses in America, it’s both uplifting and frightening.


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