Pseudo Random News and Comment

UCI confirms Lance Armstrong’s life ban  Not only passing the IQ test but gaining some credibility by not disputing the reduced sanctions for those who testified. Time will tell if it’s true reform or a calculated whitewash.

Italy scientists sentenced to jail in quake trial (Update) Guilty of failing to accurately predict the future, they get 6 years for manslaughter. I think to be fair to everyone that should be done on Wall St too.

Want the shortest path to the good life? Try cynicism Rehabilitating cynicism by returning to its roots.

Timing the Market ? Chart of valuation is quite interesting. To get to the typical overshoot and PE ratio would take 1.5 more cycles, which at the current pace would be 10 more years. With that settled, it should free up a lot of your time over the next decade.

Aspirin may slow the decline in mental capacity among elderly patients

What Does It Mean When Athletes Get ‘Stem Cell Therapy’? That they’re so desperate they’ll try anything, even when the science isn’t there.

Study: Gay Adoptive Parents Make Great Adoptive Parents If children weren’t accidental for other parents maybe they’d be better at the job too.

Changes in sleep architecture increase hunger, eating Great, now you have to worry about poorly structured sleep making you fat.

We’re Repeating the Mistakes That Created the Recession (Great News!) Taking “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” too literally.

UK intelligence officers knew of CIA’s rendition plans within days of 9/11 The UK really should fire all their foreign policy staff since they don’t have one of their own anyway. Still amazing how all these complicated plans were drawn up so quickly.

Bearish tripwires Dancing on them, but not tripping yet.

The Pressure on Margins Reaching the limits of cost cutting.


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