Pseudo Random News and Comment

Crusty foods may worsen heart problems associated with diabetes Dammit, dammit, dammit. Even Zero Hedge doesn’t get me this down.

Why the EU Crisis Will Be Bigger and Worse Than 2008 See, this doesn’t sound bad at all after reading about the dangers of the crunchy edge of a brownie.

Exercise may trump mental activity in protecting against brain shrinkage Keeping the blood moving, like they said in the old days, may be the more important factor (and probably some post exercise factors that enhance recovery).

Parenting and temperament in childhood predict later political ideology  Apparently I should be a liberal.

Trent Reznor Talks To Techdirt About His Unconventional New Record Deal, And Why He Still Loves DIY Reznor is finally at the point where he can use record labels rather than the other way around.

Life Imitates The Onion I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since that Onion story. Like I said some time ago about Radio Shack – sponsoring a cycling team is the kiss of death.

KISS your lack of focus goodbye. 7 Ways To Better Focus Your Trading

Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends” More on the old question. Women may be able to do it; men are just collecting inventory in case they get backordered.

Watch This: An Easter Island Statue Replica “Walks”  No extraterrestrials required.

Italy disaster experts quit over quake trial And who can blame them?

What If Mitt Romney Inherits Obama’s Killer Drone Fleet? More of the same, since scruples are tied with truth for the first casualty in wars, both real and imaginary.

Bacteria involved in sewer pipe corrosion identified Could save a lot of money if a solution is found. Of course fewer things breaking and requiring repairs would be an economic disaster according to the mainstream economists. Staying healthy is similarly negative, now that I think about it.

Modern American Economic History in a Few Charts One of the few to show just how long the current bubble has been in the making, which also determines how big the bust will eventually be.

Scientists Hijack Worm’s Brain  …and you’re next, citizen.

When Brazilian Model Brothers Come To Miami And “Buy To Rent”, The Top Is Near The supermodel indicator did a good job on calling the Euro, not just an intermediate top in the currency but potentially the entire monetary union, so watch out.

What Competition in Nature Should Teach Us about Markets: Should We Be as Dumb as Trees? I’d have to write a book to debunk all the fallacies contained in this one short piece. Free markets aren’t perfect, they’re just better than the alternatives, and the consequences of those alternatives are always ignored by the promoters of the regulatory state (whether R or D). The friendship forest example is a cartel, like OPEC, which is inherently unstable since it pays to cheat on the agreement. Government enforced cartels, like central banks, are more stable, but themselves cause costly distortions (like socialized losses and privatized gains). Freedom always produces the least harm.

The Metabolic Profile of Long-Lived Drosophila melanogaster Choline was a winner.


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