Pseudo Random News and Comment

TSA Bad At Security; Leaves Security Status Data On Boarding Passes Unencrypted

Statistical Stupidity: 95% Of All Lazy Journalists Believe That 88% Of All Homemade Porn Ends Up Online

I need to make up for the absence of use it or lose it links lately: Exercise cuts atrophy, white matter lesion load in elderly and Exercise boosts satisfaction with life, researchers find

New York police officer arrested over plot to kidnap and eat women, Alleged Cannibal Cop Faces Hacking Charge — The Computer Kind I hope they are investigating his current diet too because he looks pretty well fed.

Resveratrol falls short in health benefits More nails in the coffin of the resveratrol mania.

Why Friends Don’t Trade Other Friend’s Money And they shouldn’t loan them money either. Something I was very slow to learn.

Unexpected finding: Toddlers more responsive to accents of peers than parents Makes sense given the enormous human migrations through history. Better to learn what the locals are speaking.

Sticking It To The (Camera) Man: Inventor Develops License Plate Frame That Defeats Red Light Cameras Bills to make it illegal coming in 3….2….1..

Challenging Parkinson’s dogma Not that shocking since the workings of the brain have consistently been more complex than assumed.

Researchers discover neurological link to loneliness May be a result of altered perceptions.

Steroid injection linked to increased risk of bone fractures Steroids are the ultimate shotgun approach to medicine, and therefore best avoided if at all possible.

The Size of Major Bull Markets Yes, it does matter.

What if Recovery is Actually Bearish?  Excellent piece on why Twinkies aren’t healthy in the long run.

The Consequences of Machine Intelligence The latest from the Luddite perspective. My rebuttal, as always, is why would a super-intelligent machine want to clean toilets? For a super-intelligent being all sorts of things would be like cleaning toilets. Hell, I felt that way about every job I had, so the only dangerous super-intelligent machines are the ones who love wasting their lives in boring, unfulfilling work.

In case you forgot…Radioactive Fish Near Fukushima Suggest Ongoing Contamination


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