Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bradley McGee: How dopers stole the best years of my career  It’s hard to believe anyone was clean, but in the current climate it would be very dangerous to stick you neck out this far if you weren’t. Almost apologetic about his pride in beating dopers in some races.

You Don’t Realize How Bad Pollution In China Is Until You Compare It To The US  Interesting comparison of the numbers. That picture is no exaggeration…and the water isn’t much better.

To Eat a Triceratops, Tear It Apart With that question settled, now you can sleep more easily.

This seems vaguely related to me: Take The Nanex Challenge, Win $10,000 Of Fiat Currency  Any hackers in the house?

How Culture Drove Human Evolution  Excellent piece on the interplay of culture and genes. One quote is particularly relevant to current issues: “Markets require a great deal of trust and a great deal of cooperation to work. Sometimes you get the impression from economics that markets are for self-interested individuals. They’re actually the opposite. Self-interested individuals don’t specialize, and they don’t take it [to market], because there’s all this trust and fairness that are required to make markets run with impersonal others.”


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