Pseudo Random News and Comment

Influenza vaccine may reduce risk of heart disease and death Further confusing the issue since other studies showed no real benefit when better controls were used.

The Federal Budget as a Percent of GDP  It’s stayed fairly constant for decades, which is good news since it implies the politicians have the tacit knowledge or modicum of intelligence required to limit their pillage to sustainable levels.

Wen Jiabao’s family deny ‘hidden riches’ report Some carefully crafted statements in rebuttal. Even crooks don’t want to lie if they can avoid it.

The Coming Drone Invasion Nice video summary of where things stand. The battle is already lost.

OMG, the SEC is floating the idea of returning to fractions.  Dealing in Fractions of Sense

Scientists block toxic protein that plays key role in Lou Gehrig’s disease This seems a bit more promising than most supposed ALS breakthroughs.

A golden age of sibling comparisons Siblings don’t always have as much in common as you might think, and not just because of different fathers. Can make a big difference when trying to separate nature from nurture.

For the nerds: what’s wrong with this picture?  Quite a bit.

A case for legalizing insider trading Where’s my discount? Takes a different approach to the argument.


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