Pseudo Random News and Comment

Recent Asset Class Performance  Bonds and stocks still going opposite directions. Someday that will change.

Potty-training method won’t affect tot’s health, study finds It’s important to note that rubbing their nose in it wasn’t included in the study.

Breaking habits with a flash of light Manchurian Candidate here we come. For now it requires a drug + light to work.

Collateral damage: What effect do retractions have on scientific funding? Preemptive blowback might be in order.

I thought the iPhone’s popularity in China was due to the large number of rabid status seekers. Now the real reason comes out: iPhone’s Siri ‘directs Chinese to brothels’

Supreme Court Will Decide If You Actually Own What You’ve Bought I’m not holding my breath. You have no right to your income since the government can take whatever percent of it they want (and I can think of no precedent that would prevent taking 120% of it either), as well as take you house if you fail to pay rent in the form of property taxes, or prevent you from doing what you want to your own body. So why should this small corner of ownership be favored?

The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers It’s not just decriminalization this round; it’s legalization that’s leading on the ballots.

Washington Post: Yes, We Need To Give Up Liberty For Security But if they said otherwise they’d no longer get invited to the DC party circuit, or get the interviews/leaks they feel they need for content. Mainstream media is nothing but an unpaid PR firm for the halls of power. Be glad they’re dying off. Diversity of opinion is vital to a healthy democracy, if there is such a thing.


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