Pseudo Random News and Comment

Has a TV preacher declared Sandy to be punishment for New Yorkers’ sins yet? Or has that gone out of fashion?

Speaking of sin, Wall St. returns – NYSE, Nasdaq To Reopen Tomorrow

New York Paralyzed As Subways Shut Down Indefinitely: Subway Chief: “Worst Disaster Ever” Generally what that really means is worst engineering and design ever. I hope he wasn’t making fun of Beijing’s infrastructure in their recent flooding.

Blaming the Victim I never bought the predatory lending argument either. Everyone involved was just another pig at the trough. In 2004 I talked with quite a few people before they signed on the dotted line and was only able to talk one of them out of it. They only wanted to know that they could get the $250K home of their dreams on their $25K income and were more afraid of someone pointing out the fly in the ointment than the fact that it would blow up in their face later. But what I still find even more startling and baffling is that there were people 3 years later who still couldn’t see the train wreck coming.

Unveiling the Real Evil Genius The dark side of creativity.

The mobile free for all is over: Andreessen Horowitz funds ItsOn, hoping to keep data gouging at bay Mostly a PR puff piece, but for the entrepreneurs in the house the business model could also be applied to a number of other industries.

Exercise more beneficial on an empty stomach, research shows  Plus, if you do threshold work until you bonk, you’ll also increase the number of mitochondria in your muscles.

Man in Afghan police uniform shoots two British soldiers dead Can you say “false flag?”

House Price Comments, Real House Prices, Price-to-Rent Ratio Price to rent is still on the high side of history.

New findings on men’s genes could alter interpretation of PSA test Might allow the PSA test to come out ahead of giving you the finger.

New study reveals that every single junk food meal damages your arteries  To be fair, falling on the sidewalk causes damage, but it’s not necessarily permanent.

Hacking the President’s DNA  I guess the good news in this is race-based weapons have probably been abandoned now that it can be individualized.


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