Pseudo Random News and Comment

A Graveyard for Tacticians As they’ve gotten more publicity some TAA methods are getting screwed. Even in long-term trading it’s never good to do the same thing as other people. Being a contrarian doesn’t have to be going the other direction. It can also be going the same direction by a different route.

Can Open Source Ratings Break the Ratings Agency Oligopoly? It’s a great idea but lawsuits need to be banished for bad ratings.

Instability in Evolutionary Games Imitation and mutation are big factors – and prisoner’s dilemma is a simple game. Market behavior shows what happens in more complex games.

The amazing swimming Proboscis monkey (part I) The first time I saw the word proboscis was reading about these monkeys when I was very young – but the book I read didn’t mention permanent erections.

Study: Journaling After a Breakup Only Makes Things Worse  Maybe they should have written it down and thrown it away.

Take the money: Why we make better financial decisions for strangers than family This has immediate application. Would you take the trade if you were managing someone else’s money? If so, you should probably do it.

What DNA actually looks like  The first visual confirmation of the double helix. Looks like the spring on the screen door.

Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him Been a few stories about this but this one has the best background. I have to find that nail house video game.

Host Web Pages on Google Drive First monster attachments in Gmail, now this. I wonder what’s next with that Drive thing.


Pseudo Random News and Comment

Ranbaxy halts generic Lipitor production after recall-FDA Also revealed a previous recall in August over a pill mix up. I guess they were taking an overly broad view of “generic.”

Beastie Boys call for sampling lawsuit to be dismissed I should be concerned about the outcome because everything I’ve ever read is “hidden” inside things I write, and with enough arcane analysis those sources might be derived.

A Better Way to Plan Your Career Listen up kids. Much like my advice on what classes to take: Pick courses that count toward as many majors as possible so you can change your mind without penalty.

Gold Whackage Perpetrator – Deviously Cunning or Total Idiot? Two interpretations of the same event. It’s also likely they were trying to be the former but will end up being the latter.

Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends . . . A fundamentalist woman’s nightmare (and probably a fundamentalist man’s wet dream).

Study: Exercising With a Physically Superior Partner Makes You Better – Even if They Aren’t Real But other research shows they can’t be so much better that you feel no hope.

Running too far, too fast, and too long speeds progress ‘to finish line of life’ I think it’s a sensible conclusion, but the 30-50 minutes per day Rx makes me suspect some methodological issues.

Statins plus exercise best at lowering cholesterol, study finds Only 30 minutes of brisk walking required, but walking to the pastry shop doesn’t count.

Employers often more interested in hiring potential playmates than the very best candidates No wonder employment never agreed with me. I’m not that guy.

A Pattern Potpourri So many things about the 2012 stock market are similar to 2007.

Scientists create roadmap to metabolic reprogramming for aging In V for Vendetta, there is a scene where the detective describes his sudden vision of how events would unfold. I’m starting to get that feeling about the future of aging. The biggest problem is there is so much to know that it’s impossible to integrate and interpret it all. I have an idea for how to get around that, basically a radical extension of the methods used in this study: Brain inflammation likely key initiator to prion and Parkinson’s disease

How Aggressive Hyena Moms Give Their Kids a Boost The benefits of being the bitchiest BSD around.

Facebook ‘Likes’ Considered Key Evidence In ‘Terrorist’ Plot “It could certainly be seen as having a chilling effect for anyone who might “like” or “share” content on Facebook that is critical of the US government.” I already try to keep that to a minimum, but I should probably try harder.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Investigating the Genetic Basis of Theory of Mind (ToM): The Role of Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) Gene Polymorphisms When this is figured out it will be interesting to look at the prevalence in other animals (though the same genes wouldn’t necessarily have the same effects).

Men with belly fat at risk for osteoporosis But not just any belly fat will do.

The placebo effect goes beyond humans, researchers find Even in rats.

How infidelity helps nieces and nephews: Men may share more genes with sisters’ kids than with cheating wife’s kids  Beats the Appalachian solution of marrying their sister.

Scientists one step closer to creating youthful heart patches from old cells Also demonstrates that cellular environment to some degree influences the expression of “aging.”

.The Scariest Chart Of The Quarter: Student Debt Bubble Officially Pops As 90+ Day Delinquency Rate Goes Parabolic I don’t know how scary it is but it’s pretty ugly. I wonder how many are unaware bankruptcy won’t help them, and how far behind they are on other debts, since rationally student loans should get the highest payment priority.

Networking is for losers Great piece on the fallacy of traditional networking, and the old school concept of friends.

A New Safety Concern for Glaucoma Treatment Demonstrated by Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Benzalkonium Chloride Distribution in the Eye, an Experimental Study in Rabbits It also goes where you don’t want it.

The Chemistry of the Suppression of Desire A little more on oxytocin and context.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Topical simvastatin shown to accelerate wound healing in diabetes Statins continue on the path to sainthood…so far. Maybe using it as a body wash will cure everything.

Java Zero-Day Exploit on Sale for ‘Five Digits’ What a great stocking stuffer for the crook who has everything. Unfortunately, so many websites require java now it’s almost impossible to get anywhere with it shut off.

The Nasal Spray Created to Bring Women Orgasms Smells like another failure in the offing since testosterone has failed in many other trials. Pretty soon men may just have to give up and do the damn dishes.

Women with dense breasts welcome additional screening But how does one know which women have dense breasts before approaching to offer this “additional screening?”

Psychology Uncovers Sex Appeal of Dark Personalities They are more able to fool your better judgement, which partly explains why psychopaths keep getting elected (plus the fact that only a psychopath would run for office).

Dark Matter Mystery May Soon Be Solved Or the fudge factor may not exist and the theory is wrong.

Scientists decode watermelon genome Maybe they will finally be able to make mosquitoes taste like watermelon and solve that summertime pest problem.

Protein injection points to muscular dystrophy treatment Like insulin for diabetes, which would be a very big deal.

You Probably Don’t Care Enough About Your Goals Very true. I had a goal to get a job a few years ago and I devoted at least 35 seconds to this goal. But after a string of non-disappointments in non-events, precipitated by inaction and indifference, I finally had to give up on it and find a more appealing goal.

China’s ubiquitous ghost cities Trying to peer behind the opaque curtain of Chinese statistics. I think this interpretation is almost certainly true, but probably not sufficient to be predictive. I have no feel for how the capital consumption extent and rate compares to the actual production of wealth in China, or how much of it actually stays in the country so I really don’t have a long-term prognosis other than central planning on a vast scale can only end in poverty.

New device hides, on cue, from infrared cameras: Tunable material boasts nearly 100 percent absorption If only they’d had this in Predator.

Welcome to the Future of Your Health Insurance. It Sucks. Guess what? It’s been like this for a long time. Even 20 years ago BCBS of Michigan used to allocate a dollar amount of claims to be paid each month and once that was used up, every claim submitted the rest of the month was kicked back with some “problem.” But that’s not an excuse for further socialized medicine, and the couple whining because they had to pay $650 for their child’s medical problem – when they saw a physician they knew didn’t accept any insurance – is a thoroughly disgusting display.

The 401(k) Is a $240 Billion Waste Another thoroughly disgusting display: Calling individuals keeping $240 billion of their money a waste and a subsidy. So what happens in 20 years when that $240 billion has been taken from those individuals and they’re short [another] $240 billion for their retirements? Where is that money going to come from? Even ignoring the issues of ownership, it’s short-term thinking at it’s finest.

The Obama Mandate in Context A third disgusting display: Any talk of an electoral mandate. It would take 90.24% of the vote in 2012 to represent a majority of those eligible to vote. Both candidates together only got 55.5%. Stick any mandate talk back in the orifice from which it was pulled.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Smells like Christmas spirit: Researchers tie simple scent to increased retail sales Orange+green tea reduced spending 20% compared to only orange scent. From this we can conclude wearing 2 or 3 colognes/perfumes at once may entirely eliminate your spouse’s spending. I wonder if it would enhance fidelity too.

Reducing 20/20 hindsight bias Unfortunately, nothing easily applied to normal decision-making, though forcing yourself to focus on what you don’t agree with may help.

Everything You Know About Investing is Wrong . . . LOL, rainfall beat earnings growth, corporate profit margins, and GDP growth in predicting 10 year stock returns. Too bad they didn’t test sunspots.

Kill the 401(k)? Hell with it. Just tax everyone at a 100% rate. If the government can spend 40% of income better than the individual (why give government anything if that isn’t assumed?), there’s no logical reason anyone should be allowed to keep any of their money.

Stressing out really does make it worse The biochemical differences between acute and chronic stress. The experiments don’t address perceived control of the situation though I assume even illusory control would be beneficial. Also would be interesting to see if attacking them with a knife would reset the switch from chronic stress. Intense exercise is physiologically like acute stress so that would explain why exercise can help reduce the effects of chronic stress.

Exercise rate related to improvements in Parkinson’s disease Fast pedaling has more benefit than just going through the motions.

It’s Time To Update Our Privacy Laws: Tell Your Elected Officials To Reform ECPA Now  Or just mention it in an email to a friend. It’s all monitored.

Nix the all-nighter: A good night’s sleep is key to doing well on exams It’s almost finals time. Use science in your strategy.

Obama: a GOP president should have rules limiting the kill list  I can be trusted with unlimited power, but nobody else can. In that case he owes it to us to never relinquish office.

Homo (Sans) Sapiens: Is Dumb and Dumber Our Evolutionary Destiny? I agree selection pressures haven’t been eliminated and human evolution is still happening, but it’s not clear where it’s going. Reproductive success today doesn’t depend on understanding much of anything of the world around you and certainly the humans that breed the most are not the brightest bunch.

Bothered by negative, unwanted thoughts? Just throw them away Very cool and very simple (NLP flavored) solution. What do you want to throw away?

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Kidney Graft Survival in Europe and the United States: Strikingly Different Long-term Outcomes  Better adherence with medications is the easiest explanation, though it seems doubtful there’s much difference. My impression is EU centers are a bit quicker to try different combinations of drugs than the US, where the drug combos seem to be determined more by the local transplant center preferences than by than patient characteristics.

Megaupload Shutdown Hurt Box Office Revenues It’s very hard not to laugh at this.

Selected Passages from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’ Based on these quotes I’m pretty sure the latest DSM would deem NNT mentally ill.

Reading, writing and playing games may help aging brains stay healthy I hoping blogging counts.

Reasoning Is Sharper in a Foreign Language Apparently investment decisions pondered in another language will be better.

Patient’s own immune cells may blunt viral therapy for brain cancer Maybe a herpes overcoat would prove more elusive.

Dear Santa…

If you’re wondering, Fairwheelbikes has these cables which I really NEED for my mistress. Teflon is so 20th century.

Diamond Like Coated Stainless Steel Cables

KCNC has made a dramatic improvement over traditional cable design with an extremely low friction and very durable coating. This coating is a mix of DLC (Diamond like carbon) and other compounds. The result is an incredibly slick cable with a coating that cannot be scratched off. The finish is dark brown with a subtle glitter-like sheen.