Pseudo Random News and Comment

Crestmont Market Valuation Update Still on the bubblicious side.

“Deposit Wars” an Act of Desperation by Spanish Banks; Bankia Déjà Vu I’ve gotten killed loaning money to desperate people before and have sworn off the practice. Here’s your chance to see how it feels.

The Rich Create Bubbles, Not Jobs The hazards of shallow analysis. The rich can’t create a bubble without new money and credit. They tend to be the first to get those magical things from the banks, and therefore benefit the most, but aren’t really the ones to blame, any more than poor people are to blame for welfare. Both are rational pigs at a trough.

Could your relationship be contributing to your weight gain? Hmmmm…dessert as a means of bonding.

Meth vaccine shows promising results in early tests Electrical transformers and copper pipes everywhere breathe a tentative sigh of relief.

Kim Dotcom Avoids “Unsafe” .Com, Picks Me.Ga for New Megaupload Alternative TLD wave takes a big leap forward with this announcement.

Gene required for nerve regeneration identified I suspect it takes more than one to control and organize the growth once started.

When Math Hurts: Math Anxiety Predicts Pain Network Activation in Anticipation of Doing Math  Math really can hurt you.

How and why herpes viruses reactivate to cause disease The herpes family of viruses is linked to a variety of cancers and other health problems, so it would be nice to keep them in hiding. Unfortunately this shows the trigger is often another infectious agent, which is hard to avoid completely. But it does explain some of the negative consequences observed with multiple viral infections.

New hope for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury Pretty freaking amazing. Almost too good to be true – improvements almost 10 years post injury.

Wary of Future, Professionals Leave China in Record Numbers  Very hard to remain optimistic about the future of China with this trend. It’s one thing for the rich to escape overseas but another entirely when it’s the middle class.

New MS drug proves effective where others have failed Alemtuzemab, used as an induction agent in organ transplant. Targets CD52.

High blood pressure damages the brain in early middle age Even borderline BP has an effect. I wonder if, just like the junk food damage story the other day, increased ability to measure small changes has led to discovering damage that’s largely meaningless until it overwhelms the ability to repair or triggers a cascade of problems.

Everolimus and Sirolimus in Combination with Cyclosporine Have Different Effects on Renal Metabolism in the Rat  Damn, time for me to do so more research.


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