Pseudo Random News and Comment

Wanted: Dutch poop for scientific study Sorry all you volunteers, they only want Dutch.

A somewhat hedged mea culpa from one of the enablers. How I Enabled the Cult of Lance Armstrong

Who is the worst civil liberties President in US history? It’s very hard to determine. As I realized in my post on executive orders, the quality matters as much as quantity

Forget Patents: Why Open Source Licensing Concepts May Lead To Biotech Innovation It already is in the DIY movement in biotech. Big, big things are coming fast in biotech. But never quite soon enough.

Meet the Most Indebted Man in the World A sugar-coated analysis since it ignores the fact that there are no rogue traders that make money. They’re the ones that generate big bonuses for everyone. Rogue is a label applied to the scapegoat when the streak ends and reverses and higher-ups need to CYA.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: “Keep those WiFi networks open!” I think it’s a great idea, but remain in full lock down mode.

Attitudes toward African-Americans have worsened since 2008, research finds Not surprising since economic distress is frequently the biggest driver of racism.

FDA: Bacteria found in other products from firm tied to meningitis outbreak I suppose the up side is they must make some extremely immunogenic vaccines (if they don’t kill you first).

Measuring the Performance of the Ivy Portfolio Still holding up well, but you really have to consider how you would feel in those large drawdowns if you plan on using it.

A little point-counterpoint using the same data: Americans Aged 18-29 Have A More Favorable Response To Socialism Than To Capitalism  – versus the original study – Little Change in Public’s Response to ‘Capitalism,’ ‘Socialism’, which shows they also favor Libertarianism 50 to 28, so those young whippersnappers basically don’t know WTF they think.


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