Pseudo Random News and Comment

How Targeted Quote Stuffing “Denial Of Service” Attacks Make Stock Trading Impossible Interesting analysis. I don’t think it’s a huge loss of human opportunity since picking up nickels in front of a steamroller is probably better left to the machines anyway.

Women’s body talk: Perception stronger than reality? Like Steve Jobs, women all inhabit reality distortion fields when it comes to their bodies. Men on the other hand think and extra 150 lbs of beer belly makes them “solid.”

What next for US homebuilders? Reflating the last bubble is as rare as an honest politician, so I have my doubts.

Can Academics Mess With Your Investment Strategy? Of course they can. Any successful method loses its edge once widely adopted and these days publishing an article is all it takes.

Sign Of Capitulation: Are We There Yet? Charts and more charts, supporting a negative answer. My reason is far simpler – you can’t have capitulation without a large decline first.

China’s mega-bear market chart revisited Even though the constancy of human psychology is the driving force, it’s still amazing to see how similar these bubbles remain.

On the Ineffectiveness of Airport Security Pat-Downs I can only assume he didn’t care if he got to his destination disrespecting their authoritah to this degree.

Study: Don’t Ignore Cold Feet Just like jobs. If you don’t think it’s the greatest thing ever up front, it’s not going to get better with time.

Fainting spells often tied to too many meds at once, study says  Or just a small number of poor choices.

The Death of Natural Selection On the impossibility of stopping the clock of evolution. We can’t even stop it in ourselves.

A Plan to Reboot Dating The hook up culture in college, exacerbated by the shortage of men.

Man Climbs 103 Stories with a Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Leg  Pretty cool. But to continue being impressive, next they’ll have to find a way for him to fly down.


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