Pseudo Random News and Comment

How Much Is Your Vote Worth? You didn’t get your $22 check and you still voted? Sucker! Plus, last I heard you could get more than that in cash in some areas of Chicago.

Sky Catcher House / acaa  In a country filled with sow’s ear building sites, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that constraint forces a few silk purses in response.

The Chinese Credit Bubble – Full Frontal I think the only excuses left are they’ll grow into it, and the government won’t allow it to collapse (why didn’t the USSR think of that?).

Heart-related deaths increase in winter regardless of climate I vote for the change in daylight hours and the increase in cortisol during the winter as the cause.

Why Blind Mole Rats Don’t Get Cancer Down to one gene, but I’d still prefer to live longer than 20 years.

The Secret Lives of Kitchen Spices Trade has been global for a long time. Something to ponder the next time someone uses the word “decouple.”

Will we ever… decipher everything about a life form based just on its DNA? Not for a long time, and epigenetic modifiers are another problem if you want to get an exact copy of a specific critter.

Neil Heywood ‘briefed MI6 on Bo Xilai’ If knowing too much about their money laundering wasn’t enough, this would be more than enough to get him killed by that power-hungry, paranoid family.

Lessons from the History of Insulin Short summary of the development of one of a number of drugs that has kept me alive as a crime against nature.

What QE-infinity has done so far Nothing is certain in investing.

Comedian’s political humor affects potential voter’s attitudes about candidates Clearly there needs to be more of this happening.

California leads nation in exonerations of wrongfully convicted Useful to see the causes, as well as Rampart’s pack-leading performance, but it’s useless without exonerations as a percentage of total convictions.

1 in 3 Men Can’t See Their Penis But I’m sure there’s an app for that.


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