Pseudo Random News and Comment

Hallelujah! Drone-loving bankster’s boy candidate #1 has defeated drone-loving bankster’s boy candidate #2. The status quo is preserved again.

The willful blindness required to think Obama is an any way anti-Wall St is incomprehensible. Kind of like anti-war protestors voting for the executioner in chief. This Is the Worst Election for Wall Street in Decades

California Ballot Proposition Round-up Is it possible to short Cali? Looks like a great setup.

We all talk about recruiting “A Players,” but that’s not how the Valley actually works No shit. Who wants an employee that has their own ideas, especially when they’re better than yours?

Researchers quantify how many years of life are gained by being physically active Also a nice illustration of diminishing returns.

Turn That Frown Upside Down I’d forgotten about this curious fact. Of the hundreds of systems I’ve written over the years, probably 1/3 of them are the inverse of another system. I worry that it’s an indication of modeling noise.

New study seeks to understand ‘post-sex blues’ Most likely the return of rationality or sobriety if you ask me, though there are some possible natural selection reasons. Hackers: We’re Real Pirates & We’ll Sell Dotcom’s Domain To Universal Curiouser and curiouser. Almost certainly a false flag op.

The limitations of climate models Are they still ignoring solar output, sunspots, and Earth’s orbital variations?

Recently discovered stem cell population could one day provide useful source material for kidney repair But it will still be a while before you can grow your own.

China has probably stopped “manipulating” its currency for a while  …and it didn’t rocket up.

Aging signs like baldness may predict heart attacks  Surprisingly accurate, based on only a few visible characteristics.


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