Pseudo Random News and Comment

Belatacept after a kidney transplant: Minor added benefit for certain patients Not much benefit, which isn’t too surprising since I never thought the numbers warranted the conclusions that were being drawn. Money tends to talk even when you try not to listen and when the bulk of the research money for a new immunosuppressant flows into only 1 or 2 transplant centers, it’s almost impossible to be deaf.

Charles Darwin Got 4,000 Votes in Georgia Dang, y’all can count higher than I thought. That’s 200 sets of fingers and toes.

Iceman Mummy Finds His Closest Relatives Something to do with farmers’ daughters.

Link found between child prodigies and autism Might be that males have higher variance in many traits. There are more male geniuses but also more male morons, so this could be another facet of that high variability.

Alternatives Update (Risk Parity Funds Launch) What’s most interesting to me is that the Permanent Portfolio is 2nd best in the 5 year numbers.

How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever  It’s a lot of work to do it right, and it’s still not permanent.

The Four Horsemen Ride Again Gold, VIX, Treasuries, and the Dollar. If they’re all rising it’s bad news.

The Spy Who GPS-Tagged Me Private investigators are getting abusive in the use of technology.

An egg a day to keep allergies away Great excuse to eat cakes and cookies.

A scientific explanation to why people perform better after receiving a compliment Interesting, but I’m the opposite. The more trash talk I get, the better I do, while a compliment is sure to throw me off my game.


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